Reverend L C Muzembi

Our Partners are our friends from across the world who commit themselves to becoming Ambassadors for Christ, and help us spread the good news!


Ambassadors have a wide range of responsibilities from dealing with relations, to helping raise our brand awareness and increasing membership.

As representatives, they offer up our service’s position on many platforms.  

  • They act as representatives of our brand, Simple Gospel Summation.
  • They complete a variety of tasks ranging from promoting our vision to implementing it through campaigns.
  • They arrange, oversee group discussions, projects and charitable programs.
  • They supervise and lead the local membership in the country where they are.
  • They advise and influence leadership.


To safeguard and content for the faith, and promote peace, love and economic development.


To be a pattern of good works: with integrity and dignity in doctrine showing incorruptness, gravity and sincerity, and to spread our faith across the whole world, in Africa, Asia and Europe.


We teach believers to be resilient and  to remain in the teaching of Christ, that at the end they may receive a full reward, for the truth which abides in them, and will be with them forever. That they walk in Christ, in truth and love, so that grace, mercy, and peace will be with them from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Strategic Priorities/goals  

We are working to be examples; 

  • to lead, manage and improve lives.  
  • We walk and live according to the truth of the gospel faithfully, and 
  • whatever we do for others we do it faithfully, in a manner that is true to God’s will.

To network and connect with the world as we expand and globalise the vision.  

Global networking

Our work –  We share the same faith, love, interest and passion, and collaborate  with  each other and develop relationships.
Our members – are a growing coalition of believers from around the world; and this platform allows us to support one another, interact, share experiences and our modern life struggles. Having this open bond with each other is what build us up, and it gives us a deeper sense of belonging.
Our Impact – Our members are working together to get results, so we’re reaching out for more people to help achieve that vision.  Our guiding vision is simple: making a difference. 

Connection Board  

Your views really matter to us. That’s why we’ve created this Connection Board – our growing online community of SGS supporters.   The Connection Board gives you the opportunity to share your ideas, influence the decisions we make, and shape our work. By joining our panel, you will be closer to the action whilst away but making a real difference. You will be a part of the fun, interactive community that will truly have a positive impact on SGS. Plus, becoming a member is free and easy to do!    


Simple Gospel Summation co-ordinates communication among members, links branches to capacity-building resources and helps co-ordinate international campaigns, delegations and urgent actions.  SGS has extensive working relationships with like-minded Believers, NGOs, and civil society initiatives around the world.    SGS’s Connection Board helps determine the shape of SGS’s work in years to come, and under it we have two primary bodies;  

Representative Consultative Committee, which gives regional and demographic balance in the years following council. The RCC takes on a variety of tasks to help guide the fellowship and assist with coordination and governance.
International Committee,  the principle governing body between international Councils is responsible for determining the shape of work of the Secretariat and ensuring the overall health of the SGS community and organization.