In Numbers 13, just as the Lord had commanded, Moses sent 12 men, representatives and heads of all the tribes of lsrael to spie over the land of Canaan. The men went and as they were on their mission they came across the sons of Anak. On their way back they also cut a cluster of grapes which they carried back to Moses and the children of lsrael. They told the congregation about how fertile the land was and grapes authenticated the words of their mouths.
However they didn’t dwell much on revealing the good side of Canaan instead they mentioned about the sons of Anak and they had the vocabulary to explain how they looked like grasshoppers in the sight of the giants. They also told the congregation about how strong the walls were and they concluded that it was impossible to possess the land. They spent most of their time in explaning the negative side. Upon hearing this evil report there was murmuring, moaning and groaning amongst the children of lsrael.

That’s when Caleb and Joshua the only two men amongst the twelve spies silenced lsrael and encouraged them to go and possess the land for they were well able to overcome. Even after hearing this the other ten men continued giving an evil report unto the children of lsrael.

As l mentioned at the beginning of my message, the twelve men were heads, in other words leaders of each tribe they belonged to. They had experienced Jehovah’s mighty hand as they were journeying from Egypt; they had eye witnessed how other nations were devastated by the army of lsrael only because the Lord was with them. These ten leaders were eating manna and they were standing in God’s presence as they delivered such an evil and disheartening report to the whole nation. They didn’t have a positive mind, they were cowards and faithless; they didn’t acknowledge the God of their forefathers who had manifested amongst them countless times. These leaders had the audacity to even go against Joshua and Caleb’s positive report; the children of lsrael listened to the majority of the spies and not the minority….they didn’t listen and believe in how mighty their God was…most Christians are being misled by leaders who deliver evil reports to them. They are misguided by such leaders who are carnally minded and fail to perceive things of the spirit. Such leaders don’t walk by faith but by sight. Of course yes the sons of Anak existed in Canaan but a spiritual eye was needed to see what was beyond those giants…and that is the God of their forefathers who had made a way at the Red Sea. Carnal minded leaders go against the vision of the ministry because they are in the flesh; they haven’t reached the standard height of Christ Himself where He says all things are possible to him who believes.

However we hear of Joshua and Caleb, the men who had a sweet spirit; the only two men who had another spirit other than the majority. They were courageous to face the congregation in such an intense environment and told them that it was possible to possess Canaan regardless of what they had seen during their searching. The two men didn’t look at what was on the ground but they prevailed in the spirit and looked to the east, west; north and south and saw the glory and greatness of the God of their forefathers….Oh yes they were in the frequency of Jehovah Nissi who had fought battles for them before and they were convinced that even the sons of Anak and the whole army of Canaan were toothless dogs before the presence of Jehovah.They were so spiritual to an extent of telling them to rise and go to possess what God had given them. They believed the words of their Maker more than anything else. They believed that the Alpha and Omega who had started it by delivering them from Egypt the land of slavery was well able to finish what He had started which is taking them to their destined land of Canaan which flowed milk and honey.

Joshua and Caleb were fully convinced that the God of lsrael was not fake but real…this is what made them have another spirit. They saw victory where others saw defeat; they were fearless while others were full of fear. The sweet spirit in them made them see lsrael already dwelling in their promised land while others saw themselves being crushed like mince meat by the sons of Anak. Joshua and Caleb spirit is an eye opener to christians to see the reality of Christ and behold His glory no matter what comes their way. If one has another spirit he/she will confess positively in the midst of challenges. Having another/a sweet spirit will make a believer see a table being prepared for her/him before his enemies- Psalms 23 vs 5….this kind of a spirit makes one to trust God in elevating him from being a nobody to become a somebody – 1Samuel 2 vs 7-10. A christian with another spirit sees and confess healing while lying on a sick bed because he/she believes that by the stripes of Jesus Christ healing was brought to him. If today’s church manifests Christ by having another spirit, they will live fearlessly even in this current pandemic which the whole universe is in. A Joshua and Caleb spirit is only what is needed by church leaders and protocols to lead and guide the flock of Christ. Words have power – words are hands- words either build or destroy- words bring life or death as the book of Proverbs mentions hence if leaders feed the church with positive messages, Rhema word; manna direct from the throne of grace then we will definitely overcome the world. Hearing a message from a leader who has another spirit stirs and boosts the faith in believers- Romans 10 vs 17. lf the other ten spies had brought a positive report there wouldn’t have been moaning amongst lsraelites to an extend of planning to choose their own leader who would lead them back to Egypt, the land of captivity. If leaders are not careful enough and fail to have a sweet spirit they will cause believers to go back into the world where the devil use them in doing evil and nasty things. Leaders should be spirit filled so that they won’t lead God’s children astray.

Founders of Ministries should also ask God to choose leaders for them or else 5/6 of the leadership will be their to discourage, weaken and dishearten the church on their journey of Christianity. May God the Almighty help leaders of Churches to have another spirit so that the church of Jesus Christ may keep on moving from one level of glory to another level of glory as the Word says.

Thank You,

Happiness FN Munesi

Published by Laurence Muzembi


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