A hearty welcome

Hearty welcome

I’m pleased to have you on our Team. I hope this email finds you already in love with Jesus and of course us your new team. Your agenda for today involves the following things:

First things first: We safeguard and content for the faith, and promote peace, love and economic development. As Ambassadors we have a wide range of responsibilities from dealing with relations, to help raise our brand awareness and increasing membership. As representatives, we offer up our service’s position on many platforms.

  • We act as representatives of our brand, Simple Gospel Summation.
  • We complete a variety of tasks ranging from promoting our vision to implementing it through campaigns.
  • We arrange, oversee group discussions, projects and charitable programs.
  • We supervise and lead the local membership in the country where we/you are.
  • We advise and influence leadership

We teach believers to be resilient and to remain in the teaching of Christ, that at the end they may receive a full reward for the truth which abides in them, and will be with them forever. That they walk in Christ, in truth and love, so that grace, mercy, and peace may be with them from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have any other question, do not hesitate to call or email me.

Again, congratulations on getting involved to helping us spread the good news, and a huge welcome to our team.

Published by Laurence Muzembi


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