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Simple Gospel Summation (SGS) co-ordinates communication among its members, links Departments to capacity-building resources and helps co-ordinate international campaigns, delegations and urgent actions.  SGS has extensive working relationships with like-minded Believers, NGOs, and civil society initiatives around the world.    SGS’s Connection Board helps determine the shape of SGS’s work in years to come, and under it has two primary bodies;  
Representative Consultative Committee and International Committee.

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SGS Partnerships

Calling: are you in?

It’s lockdown. You’re stuck at home. You can’t preach like you normally do. But that doesn’t mean your preaching needs to stop. In fact, believers and preachers like you have answered to a connection calling, reaching out to people without leaving their sitting rooms. Witnessing is what believers should be doing, canvassing for Christ withoutContinue reading “Calling: are you in?”

Reverend Muzembi

2021 will be a much better year!

The spiritual well-being of believers, you our followers is our top priority, and integral to everything we do on this platform. We are committed to SHEPHERD, to Strong Spiritual Wellbeing High Standards, Easy to work with Protect our Beliefs, Hold on, keep possession, Excellent Communication, Resilience in the face of opposition, and Determine effectiveness. 2021Continue reading “2021 will be a much better year!”

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